Information about VSPC

To enhance accountability to the Public, all Members are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Police Check prior to sitting the qualifying examination.


To assist in understanding the differences of the various kinds of police checks, a very good description can be found on the York Regional Police (Ontario), at the following link:


“A vulnerable person is defined by the York Regional Police as a person who, because of their age, a disability, or other circumstances, whether temporary or permanent are (a) in a position of dependence on others or (b) are otherwise at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by a person in a position or authority or trust relative to them”


This description clearly delineates why is it important that our College registrants complete this VSPC and update the record on a regular basis. Our members do more than state their accountability. It is guaranteed by our policy for diligence.


Process to complete the Vulnerable Sector Police Check:

Registrants are required to submit an updated VSPC every 5 years, according to the date of search of the current  VSPC on file.  Failure to submit an updated VSPC could result in registration penalty and fines.  Please refer to the CVRP Annual Registration Renewal Policy; click here.


To complete the check, you will have to attend the local Municipal Police Station or the local police in the jurisdiction where you live and follow their regional procedure. You will be required to complete the information forms, an information release waiver and submit the fee (usually $25.00 – $70.00 plus tax).   Photo ID and finger printing may also be required.


Smaller communities or those communities that do not have a municipal police force will need to contact the local Provincial Police Service or RCMP for direction. Most Police Forces have website links that will provide the procedure online, local process and the necessary forms to complete this check. Find the appropriate website for your place of residence and follow their guidance.


For registrants and new applicants who live in the Municipality of Metro Toronto, you must contact CVRP  at to  request the specific VSPC application form as arranged specifically with the  Toronto Police Service.  The form will be returned by email in PDF format and must  be printed on legal size paper.  The completed form must be mailed to Toronto Police Service Headquarters,  40 College Street, Toronto ON M5G  2J3, or there is a “drop box” for Vulnerable Sector Screening requests with a Certified Cheque or Money Order attached to it.  No waivers will be accepted at the College Street counter.


For those persons residing in rural Ontario and who receive policing services form  the OPP, you must contact CVRP to request a letter from CVRP  to document the need for the Vulnerable Sector Check.   Please note that to produce the letter, you must forward your full name, address date of birth and the name and address of the OPP detachment.


If you require a College letter as part of the Police Vulnerable Sector Check, please contact the Administrator at . Please provide the following information: the address of the Police unit, defining whether it is Municipal, OPP, QPP or RCMP; your full name and home address and Date of Birth. The letter will be customized for your use and should expedite the process.