General Bylaw and College Rules

The General By-Law No.1, which addresses the operational affairs of the College, was revised by the CVRP Corporate Counsel prior to the 2014 AGM.  The revisions were completed do bring the By-Law No.1 into alignment with the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act to allow the College to continue under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.  This document was passed by the Board of Directors on  October 29, 2014 and ratified at the AGM on December 3, 2014.


Here is the  revised copy of the General By-Law No. 1, for Continuance under the Canada Not-for-profit Act and revised for the new CVRP and CCVE credentials, passed at the December 2nd, 2015 AGM


The Rules of Conduct been approved by the Board of Directors for the purposes of regulating the certified registrants of the College, as outlined in the General By-Law No.1.

The College Rules are listed below:


1)  Registration Rule

2)  Complaints Rule

3)  Discipline Rule

4)  Fitness to Practice Rule

5)  Professional Practice Rule


The Professional Conduct Policies are listed below:


1)  Professional Misconduct

2)  Conflict of Interest


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