Application Process and Certification Examination

Application Process

All applicants must complete the following steps to be considered for registration:

A new applicant must complete all sections of the New Registrant Application Form, submit all application and examination fees. Please refer to CVRP Fee & Tax Schedule – Click here


****  On-line Application Form for Examination 2018 – Click Here

****  PDF Application Form for Examination 2018 – Click Here


PDF application package, please forward it by mail to:


P.O Box 163

Mississauga,  ON  L5M 2B8

Attn: Registrar


Please refer to the Contact section of this website for the courier address – Click here 


The following documentation is required with all applications:


1. Proof of ability to work in Canada: A copy of a valid Canadian Birth Certificate or Passport:  (If you do not currently hold Canadian citizenship, authorization under the Immigration Act (Canada) to permit you to engage in employment in Canada will be required)


2. Proof of Education related to VR: Original education transcripts for suitable education, in a sealed envelope from the education institution.


3. Proof of VR Experience:


a) If you are a practicing VR professional with a VR related university education: a Curriculum Vitae showing a minimum of 800 hrs of directly related work experience


b) If you are a practicing VR professional with non-VR related university education: a Curriculum Vitae showing a minimum 36 months of directly related work experience.


c) If you are a new graduate of an accepted VR or Disability Management degree: Documentation of 800 hours of practicum experience


4. Vulnerable Sector Police Check (VSPC), from region of residence:


a) New VSPC – Only the original copy of the VSPC will be accepted. Due to the length of time required by some police services, if the new VSPC is not available by the examination date, you must submit the receipt of the application for the VSPC prior to the examination.  Some Police services require an official form (Toronto Police Services – TPS) or letter (Ontario Provincial Police – OPP or Royal Canadian Mounted Police – RCMP) before processing a Vulnerable Sector check.  Please contact the Administrator of the College, if you require the CVRP TPS form or a letter for an OPP or RCMP detachment.


b) Completed VSPC – If you already have an original copy of a previously completed VSPC, the College will accept that search if the date of completion is within 3 years of the date of the College application.


5. Provide proof of Errors and Omissions Practice Insurance. Click here for more information. If you are a new graduate, this document is not required to be eligible to sit the examination BUT MUST BE submitted with registration fee.


6. Successful completion of the CVRP Competency Examination


Certification Examination

The CVRP competency examination is a 6 hour written Vocational Rehabilitation competency examination, which consists of 300 knowledge and skill-based, multiple-choice and scenario-type questions.  The process for the development of this competency examination and the description of the nine (9) Core Competencies .  Examination content is standardized and a passing grade is 70% is required for Registration.  For further information please refer to CVRP Examination for Certification Document.


Please note:  We encourage new applicants to use the on-line application process with electronic copies for all non-original documents, including payment through the PayPal option.  There is an administration fee for cheque, bank draft or money order.


For further detail, please refer to the CVRP New Application Policy and Procedure – click here


All other questions may be directed to either Janice E. Ray, Registrar at or to Administrator at