CVRP Credential Classification



This class of Certificate is held by an active Registrants who have:

• a degree from an educational program recognized by the College;

• have completed a minimum of 800 hours of work in an approved practice setting;

• passed the examination set and approved by the Board of Director;

• submitted a current Vulnerable Sector Police Check (VSPC)

• has the mandatory professional Errors and Omissions Insurance;

• paid all appropriate fees




This classification has been developed to recognize individuals within the field who have achieved an even higher level of professionalism through Post Graduate study and/or maintenance of other recognized related Professional Designations as well as experience in the field and demonstrated expertise through a variety of number of educational, professional development and professional contribution activities. These include professional presentations, contribution to peer-reviewed journals, curriculum or course development, teaching, acting as an expert witness, service on boards within the VR field, mentoring new registrants and/or contributing to the ongoing development of the CVRP exam. For more Information


As the highest classification within the College, this distinction recognizes senior practitioners within the field who have made significant contributions to the filed through more educational, professional development and professional contribution activities. For more Information

Preparatory Designations


In recognition of members of the VR profession who wish to pursue registration, but do not fully meet all of the necessary criteria to immediately qualify, the college is pleased to offer two options: Provisional and Internship Classification



This classification is available to:
• registrants who presently hold the CVS or CVA classification and wish to advance to the CVRP OR
• new applicants who hold a post-secondary diploma or certificate in a relevant VR area and have a minimum of 7 years of experience in the Vocational Rehabilitation field

These applicants may apply to write the CVRP exam and may then enter a Mentoring Supervision Agreement with the College while completing the three online training programs offered by the College. During the period from successful completion of the CVRP exam and the other requirements, the credential CVRP(P) will be conferred on the registrant.



The College offers Internship (CVRP(I) to New Applicants who have met the educational entrance criteria and successfully passed the certification examination, but have not yet acquired the 800 hours of experience to required qualify for the full Professional Practicing status.

For more information on Provisional and Internship Status, click below

Policy for CVRP Credential Re-Classification.

CVRP Credential Transitioning FAQs