Scope of Practice


Introduction to the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals


The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP) is a regulatory body with a mandate to protect the public through:

  • the registration of Vocational Rehabilitation professionals
  • setting standards of practice
  • holding the members accountable to those standards.

CVRP is committed to the values of quality, respect, dignity, fairness and self-esteem for Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals and for the clients they serve. With this in mind, CVRP is focused on preventing / minimizing unwarranted disability and loss. The College guides and protects the field / practice of Vocational Rehabilitation in Canada as defined under the Scope of Practice.


Scope of Practice


Vocational Rehabilitation assists individuals to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment or other useful vocational relationships. It is an evidence-based, client-centred process and specialized service which provides assistance to persons with or at risk of experiencing functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive, and emotional impairments or health conditions. Vocational Rehabilitation professionals access a unique set of knowledge domains, experiences, skills, interventions and strategies when completing the following Scope activities:


    • Vocational Assessment and Evaluation
    • Vocational Rehabilitation, Career and Adjustment Counseling in individual and group settings focused on facilitating adjustments to the medical and psycho-social impacts of disability
    • Rights-based Negotiation / Mediation
    • Goal Setting
    • The provision of interventions to remove individual, organizational and systemic obstacles to working
    • Stay at Work / Return to Work Plan Development, Implementation, Monitoring, Adjustment and Closure
    • Proactive Rights-based Return to Work and Re-employment Interventions and Agreements
    • Transferable Skills Analysis
    • Labour Market Survey and Occupational Re-training Research
    • Work Adjustment
    • Job Search, Placement and Development
    • Job Analysis and Employment Accommodations
    • Case Management/ Rehabilitation Services Co-ordination
    • Disability Management
    • Program Evaluation and Research
    • Professional and Business Practice Ethics, Compliance and Reporting.





The Mission of the College is to regulate the practice of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals through the participation of the public and the profession in accordance Standards of Practice.




The College strives for excellence in the delivery of Vocational Rehabilitation services through prescribed standards of practice across Canada so that all clients experience full inclusion, independence and quality of life during the service delivery process and in the workplace in order to receive the best possible outcomes.