CEU 2019

Approval Number Sponsoring Organization Program Title Date Domain Focus Area
MCVR-MTW-28Feb19-2.0 Monarch Counselling and Vocational Rehabilitation Inc. Mock Trial Workshop 2019-02-28 1
SFU-REH126-ARDM-7/8/9Feb19 Simon Fraser University Assessments in Rehabilitation and Disabiity Management 7/8/9Feb19 4
SFU-REH130-IRTWP-2/3/4May19-19.5 Simon Fraser University Interventions and the Return to Work Process 2/3/4May19 7
SFU-REH124-PCE-3/4/5Jan19-19.50E Simon Fraser University Professional Conduct and Ethics 3/4/5Jan19 8
SFU-CPRA145-PDRMLF-24Jan-5Feb19-45.0 Simon Fraser University Program Development, Resources Management and Learning Facilitation 24Jan-5Feb19 1
SFU-REH129-SCWA-4/5/6Apr19-19.5 Simon Fraser University Strategic Communications and Working Alliances 4/5/6Apr19 9
SFU-REH128-VA-1/2Mar19-13.0 Simon Fraser University Vocational Accommodations 1/2Mar19 1