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Submission for CVRP Approved CEUs:

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To complete the on-line Attendance Verification Form ONLINE    PDF Version

Application for Pre-Approval of an Education Program ONLINE    PDF Version

Application for Post-Approval of an Education Program ONLINE    PDF Version

Domains of Learning Focus Areas updated Nov 2013


Please review the Continuing Education Policy linked at the top of this page.


To maintain your CVRP certification of registration, you are required to bi-annually submit 40 approved continuing education units (CEUs), a minimum of which 6 MUST be approved ethics learning.   The 2-year CEU period starts from the date of College registration and is listed at the top of each Registrant’s CEU Report, found in their  Registrant Profile section of this website.  Please note that CEU’s are also referred to as education contact hours.    Generally, one CEU equals one contact hour of continuous learning.   This means that welcome and introductions, breaks, lunches, some Q&A periods and networking sessions during seminars and conferences are not accepted as contact hours.  Poster review, town Hall sessions and similar organised research/review sessions will only be accepted if listed and signed off on the attendance verification form from the education sponsor.  Time for homework assignments and tests are not accepted.  Similarly, college, university and private programs are accredited for the in-class time only.


The Registration Committee annually reviews all registration, renewal and maintenance e policies.  Revisions are approved by the College Board of Directors and posted on the Registration Policies page under the “Rules and Policies ” tab of the website (click here).


The College endeavours to provide an updated list of all approved programs on a weekly basis (see links for approved lists above).  Prior to completing the Pre- and Post-Approval Forms, please review these lists.  If already approved,  only the attendance verification form and the official completion certificate is required.  Please list the CVRP approval number on the attendance verification form or the completion certificate or list the full approval number on the CEU upload Form listed above. 


If a program has not been approved, a registrant must complete the CVRP Pre-approval form and submit all requested documentation for the request to be approved.  Please allow 6 -12 weeks for processing dependent on time of year and volume of requests, particularly when the due date for CEU submissions approach.   Similarly, the process for a post-approval request for a completed program must include the completed post-approval form and the required documentation.  Application for post-approved programs must be forwarded to the College at least 2 months prior to the deadline for submission to ensure that the program is reviewed and accepted prior to the submersion date.


The College now provides an opportunity to obtain pre-approval from the College for  educational/ training institutes, organizations, sponsors and/or groups offering VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) and VE (Vocational Evaluation) training programs, events, workshops, seminars and/or courses.  Upon approval, a description of the program and links for registration is posted on the College’s website.  This is offered as a service to organizations as a promotional benefit in attracting CVRP registrants to their events, to our registrants and in pursuit of the College’s mandate to safeguard the public by making registrants aware of these opportunities for continuing education. The “Policy on Posting Sponsor Training Programs” can be found under the ‘News and Resources’ tab on the Website Posting Policies page (click here)


The completion date of any program must fall within a registrants current 2-year CEU period.  It should be noted that the same program can only be submitted once.  CEUs will not be carried forward to the next consecutive 2-year ceu period.